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Repulsive Gravity

Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great.

Sometimes, he felt like it wasn't so much that gravity was pinning him to the Earth but instead the universe was somehow repelling him and pressing him against the planet. He counted this as just another unspoken facet of his daily paranoias until he went to hear MIT's Dr. Alan Guth talk about cosmic inflation. The lecture itself was very much over his head, but the notion of 'repulsive gravity' had been mentioned and even though he knew that he was misapplying the concept, it still hit him with a jolt of recognition. He was so strangely relieved that he wanted to tell someone about it, but the whole reason he'd attended the stupid lecture in the first place was to impress this leggy blonde whom he'd learned was going and who had started gushing about how wonderful the whole lecture had been as soon as they'd left the auditorium, and he didn't think that she'd be too impressed by his sole take-away. Although he was beginning to think that he wasn't all that interested in trying to impress her anymore; after all, what good was a leggy blonde if it took a Ph.D. and a theory of universal expansion to turn her on?
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