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Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch, yawn, mmm. Nice nap, that. Hm, looks like I've been sleeping since, oh...September 7th. That is indeed a goodly sleep. But now I am refreshed and unwearied and returned.

I think this shall herald a new age of this journal. I will continue with the old postings of poems, my own and of others, lyrics that strike me as poetry. I will publically work out and ask for help with my current writing project. I will post book reviews, and maybe CD reviews (rarer). Reviews will all be lj-cut, for those who can't stand them. Lyrics will likely be lj-cut, too. Poems -- depends on length. We'll play it by ear, shall we?

But who is still around, and who will care that this is back, and do you want it back?
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