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Such a sudden feeling, this

Such a sudden feeling, this
Preemptive loneliness.
Didn’t realize there was a horizon in my hand’s lifeline;
Didn’t realize there was a time I’d watch you disappear over it,
A wavering silhouette burned away against the slipping sun.
Touches my retina, leaves a print on my mind.
And you know, it’s not really about me. It’s all about you.
And I love that, I am excited to pass this on, to let you go, to be this
Nostalgic remnant.
Still near enough to be, somewhat, active.
Close enough for it to hurt so deeply.
I am a star dead and distant, and I went out in my blaze of passion and
Here I am, the ember of that supernova.
There’s a cycle, inherent to this new orbit, this new pull in this new void.
There will be a rebirth, here in this new pulse of darkness.
But as the ashes fleck away and I wait to burn again, there are all these stars
Shining away in the distance
And really, it does seem that I could just reach out and touch you
But like the stars rushing away, you are so far beyond…
Just traveling this one way street. Just passing along this timeline.
Just wishing I could linger there, with all of you.
All the time in the world to prepare, and so soon it comes and strikes one
Such a sudden feeling, this sadness, this letting go, this
Letting be gone.
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