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If gold ruste

If gold ruste, what shall iren do?
~Geoffrey Chaucer~

So I was struck with a notion last night, namely, a novel idea. No, not a new idea, well, it was, but -- I mean an idea for a novel.

If it worked, it could be great.

It's totally different -- genre, style, everything -- from anything I've attempted before.

I have a million unfinished writing projects on back burners right now.

This is the least complicated plot I've ever come up with, though. Because it's set in the here and now and non-fantastical and non-intrigue, per se. So while all those back burner projects are stalled for the moment, this should just flow.

Do I devote myself to this, writing-wise? I have time for writing now, after all. Or should I be using this time to un-stall those other projects, many of which I do adore and really want to finish?

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